If consumers need more than 90 days, or if they do not have the document requested, they are encouraged to call the Service Center at (800) 300-1506 or their agent John Navarro 916-730-7039. Consumers are still enrolled in a health insurance plan while Covered California waits for documentation. Consumers will get their first bill from their new insurance company, and coverage will begin once they’ve paid their first premium. When their documents are processed, it will appear in their online account. If there is a problem with a consumer’s document, a Covered California representative will contact them by mail or telephone to fix it. Consumers may also work with a certified representative to get the documents uploaded.


Choosing a Health Insurance Company and Keeping the Same Doctor


Consumers can find a list of doctors for each health insurance company by clicking on the Apply button at and selecting Preview Plans. After entering some basic information, consumers can pick a health insurance company and click "View Directory." Next they will be routed to the health insurance company’s online list of doctors. They can also contact the health insurance company directly to find out if their doctor is in the health plan’s network.


Checking the Status of an Application for a Covered California Health Insurance Plan


To check the status of an application, consumers should log in to their account and click the "Summary" button to view the application summary page. On this page, consumers can view their eligibility and plan enrollment by family member. If a consumer does not see a health insurance plan or program listed with a plan enrollment date, then they still need to pick a health insurance plan.


Checking the Status of a Paper Application for a Covered California Health Insurance Plan


If a consumer fills out a paper application and is found eligible for enrollment, they will get a notice from Covered California in the mail after their application is processed, and they will also get a premium bill from their health insurance plan. If the consumer does not receive a notice or a premium bill, they can call the Covered California Service Center at (800) 300-1506 to check on the status of their application. If the consumer is determined to be eligible for Medi-Cal, the application will be forwarded to the consumer’s county to complete the enrollment process, and the county may contact the consumer. For more information about Medi-Cal enrollment, visit the Medi-Cal section of this website.


If There Is No Record of a Consumer with the Health Insurance Company


Health insurance companies are processing many new applications, so it may take them longer than usual to enroll consumers. It may take up to two weeks after submitting an application for the health insurance company to send a new enrollee a bill. It may take up to 10 days for the health insurance company to send consumers a welcome packet and insurance card after receiving payment. These delays are the result of very high demand. If consumers have applied and paid and still haven't heard from their health insurance plan 10 days after making their first payment, they can call the Covered California Service Center at (800) 300-1506. A representative can escalate any concerns and resolve them.


When to Expect the First Bill


The health insurance company will send consumers a bill about two weeks after receiving their application. The payment due date will be printed on the bill. Consumers should send payment to their health insurance company before the deadline. If consumers pay their bill by mail, they should be sure to send it in time for the insurance company to receive their payment by the payment date printed on the bill. The health insurance company may also accept payment through the phone or online, which would be faster than mailing the payment. Consumers should contact their health insurance company or visit the Paying Your Premium page for more information about payment options.


When to Expect a Health Insurance Card


The health plan welcome packet and health insurance card will arrive approximately 10 days after the health insurance plan receives payment from the consumer.


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